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Shadow and Bone: Kaz Brekker

#199: Icons

When the Extra round at somein30 was posted, I was sooo motivated to enter at least two of the previous rounds I skipped. What I ended up with is another set based on Round 01: Technical Game...and it took me ages. I made the first icons for this entry on June 12, so over two months. This is pretty much the continuation of the first Technical Game set posted here using caps from Lucifer S5B (the other one used primarily caps from 5A). I used the same kind of style to get a coherent look, but there are some thoughts/concerns. I have a bit of a problem with 9. On the one hand I really like how it turned out, but on the other hand I'm not sure if it follows the theme "Ray(s) of light" that well. I really fought with 11. I had an idea and the animation itself resembles that. Overall I'm not too happy with it, but was also too frustrated to redo everything. It's the last icon I finished. For 12 I really only used textures to get a similar effect to the other icons even if it looks as if I just did the same thing again.
You can hover over the icons for the specific themes, but I also posted the complete list of prompts below the icons. I used normal mode for all of them.

Round Extra (Summer Rewind) at somein30: Lucifer

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Soul: cat

#195: Icons

Finally, my entry for somein30. The theme "All Things Random" was absolutely amazing and super inspiring. I started right away and made 1-2 icons per day, but then kinda lost momentum and really needed that extension. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with my set. Usually I lament the fact that it does not look coherent. This time I went into the opposite direction. I thought it would fit the theme to use as many different styles/techniques as possible. That didn't quite work out, but this time I like how chaotic the overall look is. I also really wanted to use 20 different fandoms which was much easier.

Round 07 at somein30: Eureka, Fringe, WandaVision, Divergent, Daredevil, Stumptown, Knives Out, Legends of Tomorrow, Onward, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Prison Break, The Witcher, Black Sails, Superman & Lois, Lucifer, Galavant, Babylon Berlin, Zootopia, Soul, Supernatural

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Shadow and Bone: Kaz Brekker

#187: Icons

Here are my icons for somein30. My goal was to make at least ten icons which I hit more than a week ago. I figured everything beyond that is a bonus and I actually ended up with twenty. Not on the last day either this time. I tried to make a coherent-looking set. I'm not sure I was 100% successful, but I am happy with a lot of these. You can hover over the icons for the specific themes, but I also posted the complete list of prompts below the icons. I used normal mode for all of them.

Round 01 at somein30: Lucifer

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#161: Icons

This time I was fully aware how long it took me to update this community. The reason being that I wanted to fix some of my previous posts which still use Photobucket links before posting new icons. I procrastinated for so long that the problem solved itself. You can read about it here. I actually haven't made that many icons considering it's already September. There's no reason to post them all at once, but this entry includes the majority of icons I made in January and February. Right now I am actually making more icons again, so expect another update soon(-ish) ;)

001-021 People: Annet Mahendru, Ben Barnes, Cobie Smulders, Deborah Ann Woll, Osric Chau, Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Simon Baker, Tessa Thompson
022-036 Arrowverse (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl)
037-039 Big Little Lies
040-042 Black Sails
043-046 The Blacklist
047-049 BrainDead
050-051 Fringe
052-057 The Gifted
058-066 Gilmore Girls
067-070 Good Girls
071-072 Gotham
073-075 House of Cards
076-080 Lucifer
081-088 Supernatural
089-092 This Is Us
093-095 Under the Dome

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Linkin Park

#157: Icons and Promo

I had a really hard time coming up with an introduction to this post. So, I haven't updated this journal last year apart from one entry in June. One big reason for that was Photobucket changing their policy on third-party hosting. I liked that the site kept the file names and how the albums are organized, so for the longest time I just couldn't find a good replacement. I also ended up not re-uploading the icons I already uploaded to PB. My icons are still visible (probably because I use less than 10% of my storage) and I highly recommend this add-on which works well for fixing the links on LJ.
Since I really want to participate in bestof_icons again, I'm going to post all icons from 2017 today, nearly 350, some of them are from January 2017. I split them up into 3 posts. This is the smallest one. I'll just spread out the cross-posting over a longer period of time ;)

001-010 The Americans
011-016 Lucifer
017-021 The Mentalist
022-026 Powerless
027-031 This Is Us
032-043 The X-Files
044-063 Misc TV Shows (11/22/63, American Horror Story: Hotel, And Then There Were None, BrainDead, Elementary, The Good Place, How to Get Away with Murder, The Night Manager, The Night Of, Prison Break, Santa Clarita Diet, True Detective)
064-099 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chris?

#150: Icons

It's been a while since my last update and the reasons for that can be found in a separate post here. This update contains older icons, some are still from February. I signed up for 10in30 this month though, so the next entry should haves some new icons ;)

001-008 The Blacklist
009-014 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
015-020 Fringe
021-029 Lucifer

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