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Soul: cat

#195: Icons

Finally, my entry for somein30. The theme "All Things Random" was absolutely amazing and super inspiring. I started right away and made 1-2 icons per day, but then kinda lost momentum and really needed that extension. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with my set. Usually I lament the fact that it does not look coherent. This time I went into the opposite direction. I thought it would fit the theme to use as many different styles/techniques as possible. That didn't quite work out, but this time I like how chaotic the overall look is. I also really wanted to use 20 different fandoms which was much easier.

Round 07 at somein30: Eureka, Fringe, WandaVision, Divergent, Daredevil, Stumptown, Knives Out, Legends of Tomorrow, Onward, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Prison Break, The Witcher, Black Sails, Superman & Lois, Lucifer, Galavant, Babylon Berlin, Zootopia, Soul, Supernatural

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SPN: Bobby

#192: Icons

Depending on what you are celebrating this is either too early or too late, but Happy Holidays!
The Supernatural icons in this post were all made for the battle organized by sietepecados. If you want to see the icons from all participants and the specific themes you can go here. The Knives Out icons were, all but one, made for movieslims. I wanted to use all screencaps from the challenge, but never got around to it.

001-022 Supernatural
023-051 Knives Out

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The Expanse: Bobbie Draper

#185: Icons

This is the usual assortment of old contest entries. I wanted to at least have everything from March/April out of the way. It feels like a rather messy mix of things though.

001-007 The Americans
008-017 The Expanse
018-025 TURN: Washington's Spies
026-037 TV Shows (Almost Human, BrainDead, Defending Jacob, How to Get Away with Murder, New Amsterdam, Pushing Daisies, Santa Clarita Diet, The Simpsons, Snowpiercer, Upload)
038-042 Movies (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Knives Out, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Stardust)

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The Witcher: gray

#179: Icons

Look who is entering monthlyinspo on the last day again! The theme for February was "Box of chocolates" and Knives Out seemed perfect for it. Due to the setting and props, that's pretty much the movie's exact color palette. In addition to that, I wanted to stick to a more vintage style with these which I rarely do unless it's for a specific challenge. I think that worked out well. I also used the icons from the different themes in the post itself as an inspiration. For example, almond crunch is simple with negative space or caramel swirl has some handwritten text (texture) on it. Since they are rather different than what I usually do, I can at least keep the caps I saved and reuse them ;)

Round 31 at monthlyinspo: Knives Out

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