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The Winter Soldier: Captain America

#106: Icons

Umm, hi!? I actually thought I'd update again much sooner, but then I signed up for technique20in20 and thought "It's not like I'll post them on the last day, I'll just make an update when I'm finished." Well, it's the 18th *rolls eyes*
So yeah, the first part is my entry for technique20in20 and the second part are icons from the same fandoms + some older movie icons thrown in, so it's a little bigger than my usual updates. I have some icons on my hard drive which are even older than them, but they didn't really fit. Next time. And I won't wait this long again...

[20] Round #1 at technique20in20: Fringe, Graceland, Monsters Inc., Supernatural, Thor
+ 6 Alternates and Outtakes

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001-005 Joshua Jackson
006-026 Fringe
027-030 Supernatural
031-033 Graceland
034-043 Movies (Monsters Inc., The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, The Prestige)

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The Winter Soldier: Captain America

#101: Icons

I never would have thought the time would come that I had too many icons to post and now it's been this way for months. I always think I could catch up, then there are a couple of icons from fandoms which just don't fit, I keep making icons for these fandoms and suddenly I have 30 unposted icons more. Right now I could make two more entries, but then I think "No, only three Elementary icons. I'll just wait and collect." vicious circle *rollseyes*

001-016 MCU (The Avengers, Iron Man 1 and 3)
017-021 Robert Downey Jr.
022-038 Misc. Movies (Batman Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek Into Darkness, Monsters Inc., Monsters University)
039-046 Homeland

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Stock: Halloween

#096: Tumblr

Happy New Year!

I said I wouldn't wait too long with making another Tumblr roundup, but I didn't make that much in the last couple of months *shrugs*
Clicking the picture will lead to the original tumblr post.

[03] Linkin Park

[01] Eureka
[01] Fringe
[01] Homeland
[01] Sherlock

[01] The Sword in the Stone
[02] The Avengers
[03] Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

[02] Scarlett Johansson
[01} Christian Bale
[02] Jeremy Renner
[02] Robert Downey Jr.
[01] Simon Baker
[01] Tom Hiddleston

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Pushing Daisies

#095: Icons

While the Pushing Daisies and the Christmas icons are pretty new, I've waited far too long to post some of these. I actually want to post the rest of leftover icons from 2012 either before new year's eve or directly after (I didn't want to post all ~70 icons now). Wish me luck ;)

001-013 Stock (Cats, Christmas)
014-021 Pushing Daisies
022-036 The Avengers

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#091: Icons

This post is a perfect example for what happens when I want a certain amount of icons for one fandom. Suddenly I had 50+ Avengers-related icons from various contests and iconflash challenges. I really like them though, hence the many teaser icons :D

001-011 Iron Man (+ 1 wallpaper)
012-026 Thor
027-034 Captain America: The First Avenger
035-056 The Avengers (+ 1 wallpaper)


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Stock: Halloween

#089: Tumblr

I like having everything in one place, so I'll probably make an overview of the edits I post on tumblr from time to time. I promise I won't wait this long again since everything I've done this year is behind the cut. Clicking the picture will lead to the original tumblr post.

[10] Linkin Park

[11] Fringe
[03] Hawaii Five-0
[01] Hawaii Five-0/Supernatural crossover
[09] Supernatural
[01] The Mentalist

[04] Jensen Ackles
[01] Niall Matter
[03] Robert Downey Jr.
[01] Tom Hiddleston

[02] Iron Man
[05] The Avengers

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