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#087: Picspam

I think we all know this feeling: A familiar face on our favorite TV show that we can't place. I always wanted to make a picspam with actors from Supernatural I've seen on other shows and I recently re-watched S1 of The Mentalist. This picspam (my very first!) was made for the "Summer Weekly Theme" at all_spn. And I thought I'd repost it here since it was a lot of work after all ;)

The Mentalist (Season 1) and Supernatural

Jack Plotnick as
Ian on Supernatural (4x17 It's a Terrible Life)
Brett Partridge on The Mentalist (1x01 Pilot)

Dylan Minnette as
Danny Carter on Supernatural (4x11 Family Remains)
Frankie O'Keefe on The Mentalist (1x02 Red Hair and Silver Tape)

Maite Schwartz as
Dr. Cara Roberts on Supernatural (4x14 Sex and Violence)
Jessica Meier-Cardeira on The Mentalist (1x06 Red-Handed)

Mark Rolston as
Alastair on Supernatural
Det. Dale Blakely on The Mentalist (1x08 The Thin Red Line)

Todd Stashwick as
Dracula on Supernatural (4x05 Monster Movie)
Jared Renfrew on The Mentalist (1x11 Red John's Friends)

Spencer Garrett as
Edward Carrigan on Supernatural (3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas)
Michael Elkins on The Mentalist (1x12 Red Rum)

Colby Paul as
Michael on Supernatural (1x08 Something Wicked)
Brad Elkins on The Mentalist (1x12 Red Rum)

Sebastian Roché as
Balthazar on Supernatural
Shirali Arlov on The Mentalist (1x13 Paint It Red)

Alona Tal as
Jo Harvelle on Supernatural
Natalie on The Mentalist (1x14 Crimson Casanova)

Rick Worthy as
Alpha Vampire on Supernatural
Terry Andrews on The Mentalist (1x16 Bloodshot)

Wynn Everett as
Amelia Novak on Supernatural (4x20 The Rapture)
Lindsay on The Mentalist (1x18 Russet Potatoes)

Fredric Lehne as
Azazel/Yellow-Eyed Demon on Supernatural
Exley on The Mentalist (1x20 Red Sauce)
Tags: -picspam, tv: supernatural, tv: the mentalist

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