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Best of '20: Result

In February I took time off from everything icon-related, so I also never posted my results for bestof-icons. I don't think this is the first time it took me this long though.

The winner:

This is the first time I'm thinking "Why?!" This was an alternate in this somein30 set. I put it as an alternate because it didn't fit in with the rest of the animated icons style-wise, not because I hate it. However, I feel like it's a rather unremarkable icon? I don't know. That said it only got five votes anyway. The following four had four votes each which why I'm only posting a top 5 this time.

As you can see, three of these are also in my personal picks further down. There isn't an icon that I hate in there, although it is hard to make a proper assumption when there are only so few votes. That can have different reasons. Maybe there is just no consensus, maybe it's because my username starts with a "v" and fewer people vote at that point, or the icon community is just small :/

Personal picks:

These are my two absolute favorites from last year. I actually think that this Knives Out set I made for monthlyinspo is my best post of 2020. I'm just so satisfied with how well it fits the theme and how coherent it looks.

And here are twenty more:

There were a couple of battles this year and six icons from this selection were originally made for battles. Before I narrowed it down, there were actually even more I initially saved for this post. Overall I was always happy with what I made for those battles. Since I mentioned the Knives Out set above, I should also mention another monthlyinspo set. Only the first Witcher icon is from that post, but I really liked this set.
The Riddler icon is from the same set as the winning one. I picked that one because it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to and I tried model the other animated icons in that set after it.
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