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Best of '19: Result

A couple of days ago the winners of bestof-icons were posted. Here are the results for 2019.

The winner:

I'm really happy with this one! It is one of my absolute favorites from last year and I used it as my default icon for months.

Rest of the top 13:

The winner got 8 votes and the second place had 7 votes. That was followed by a bunch of icon with 6 and 5 votes, hence posting a "top 13" on here. Apart from the one that placed first, only a few can be found among my personal picks. However, I did cut the two Sleepy Hollow icons to get down to ten (see below). I'm happy to see three animated icons in this selection, especially the last one which I am rather fond of. To be honest, I do think some of these only got votes because they are from Good Omens. That was a very popular fandom and many other makers had icons from it nominated.

Personal picks:

These are in no particular order, although I would say that the winner from the voting would make my personal top 3 ;)
This year I managed to narrow it down to ten (last year I posted 20 personal picks) from 30. Personally, I just prefer the non-animated version of The Expanse icon. I love the combination of black and white+yellow and I think I finally nailed it with 4. If the community's voting was biased towards Good Omens, my personal selection favors icons from Turn. I loved the show, but there were no icons available (as far as I can tell) so I had to make myself some. I'm especially happy that one of them even features text.
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