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#175: Icons

It's been a while since my last entry. I took some time off from making icons, but since I wasn't sure how long that would be, I never made a proper announcement here. Well, I'm back to making icons and I'm pretty sure I have disappeared for three months and longer before lol
Photobucket blurred my icons, but I have started using ImgBB over a year ago. I have replaced everything going back to January 2017 since these were just single icons or certain fandoms. So far, I have collected all icons from before that, too. However, I'm not sure if I'll replace all of them or just replace the teasers and post imgur gallery links. To be honest, I do want this community, my graphics community, to look neat. We'll see.
This post contains my entry for this month's monthlyinspo challenge LGBT. I made a rainbow with simple single character icons and then added some couple icons to get to ten. These are all from the Arrowverse, because I wanted to kinda stick to one fandom.

Round 28 at monthlyinspo: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl

hover for fandom
Arrow Legends of Tomorrow Legends of Tomorrow Supergirl Supergirl 01-05
Legends of Tomorrow Arrow Arrow Legends of Tomorrow Supergirl 06-10

Arrow Legends of Tomorrow 11-12

I used some ideas from the second tutorial here for 8 and 11 since the caps were pretty dark.

credit & comments are nice | don't modify, claim as your own or hotlink
Feel free to watch this community for updates!
Tags: *2019, -monthly challenge (10in30/20in20), tv: arrow, tv: legends of tomorrow, tv: supergirl

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