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Best of '18: Result

The last two years I never got around to posting the results of the bestof-icons voting, even though I always wanted to. So here's the entry for 2018!

The winner:

I like this icon a lot, but apart from getting the crop right, it didn't take very long and was pretty easy to make? Then again, the icons I'm often most satisfied with are the simple ones (see my personal picks).

Rest of the top 9:

The second place icon and the one that won originally had the same amount of votes (8) and there was a tie-breaker to determine the winner. There was no icon with seven votes and then a bunch with 4-6. I chose that whole range to get a number of icons that at least kinda makes sense, that's why it's a top 9 ;)
Hmm, that's an interesting selection...I'm not sure what to say about it. Obviously, there are only two icons which can be found here and in my personal selection, but at least the winning icon is one of them. Apparently yellow/orange is good and, considering that I'm not making that many of them, animated icons. Or Shuri is just very popular which is definitely possible.

I had a hard time coming up with a personally favorite since there were some icons I loved, some that I liked, but not just ONE icon that stood out, so I made a top 20.

These are the five icons I loved (other than that they aren't in any particular order). Two of them were not even nominated and the others got a low amount of votes. I'm a little bit surprised that three icons include text though since I'm usually never satisfied with my text use.

I saved 22 icons in addition to the five above, but narrowed it down to 20 overall. I'm actually using a lot of these as userpics still. There are just some (like the Valkyrie icon which was also not nominated) that I really like the look of. It also shows how I 'recycle' things when I like them like the Valkyrie and Good Girls icons.

Since I haven't done this since 2015, here are the previous two winners

2016 | 2017
I'm not going to do personal picks for these years, but I know I would have chosen the same one for 2016 anyway.

And just for fun because I never posted these either

2012 | 2013
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