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Best of '15: Result

As I said in my last entry, I took a break last month, but I still wanted to post the results, even though it's been ages.

The Winner:

This is quite a surprise actually. I don't hate this icon, I think it turned out alright, but I kind of forgot about it? It was made for a one screencap, multiple icons challenge and got kinda lost. It didn't even place, two others from the set did lol

Rest of the top 15:

I'm happy with these. It again includes an animated character with removed background like last year, but I truly loved making and using them. I'm also always drawn to these kinds of icons from other makers, so I'm happy people like them. The Black Sails icon comes from a very simple batch I made for the7days that I am proud of because it has a very coherent look when usually my style seems all over the place. I'm even prouder of the fact that people commented on these icons and praised at least this one, I'm guessing because of the crop ;)
The first one was kind of an experiment in using filters, brushes, and enhancing the colors of the cap. I was very pleased with the result, but could never quite get it to work with other caps that well.

The main reason why it's a top 15, these ten icons all had the same amount of votes:

Not that many people voted in my poll, but that's what I get for having a name starting with V. I was really hoping that the Captain America icon would get some more votes, but I'm happy it's here at all! The biggest surprise for me is actually the dark Daredevil icon with text. I really wanted to use the lyrics from Halestorm's Amen on a Daredevil icon, liked the cap and just went for it. I used it for a while, but I was never 100% happy with it. I should try to remake it one day.

My favorite:

Since you were allowed to vote in your own poll, I voted for this one icon. Two years ago(?) one of my favorites got no votes, so I didn't want it to happen with this icon, too. I do a ton of icons in this style and have for years, but this is one of my absolute favorites, although I do think the subject plays a big part. It's one of the rare caps where Matt is smiling. I do love how the colors turned though.

My personal picks:

I narrowed this down from over 30 icons which shows that overall I was happy with the icons I made last year. A lot of my personal favorites (even more among the icons I discarded for this selection) are Daredevil icons and I hope I can continue this with some icons from S2. 4 is probably my most popular icon. I've seen it use by lots of different people (including on ONTD which means even more people have seen it) and some icon makers which also makes me very happy. It's one of the few icons I made without a challenge/theme/prompt in mind. It's made from a great screencap and I just wanted to have an icon from it that I would use. I honestly didn't expect many others would.

Most them were nominated I think and while there does not seem to be that much overlap between the two groups, I'm still content with what I see ;)
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