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#134: Icons

I'm back to updating just once a month it seems, but I also have fewer icons to post since I'm not making that many at the moment for two reasons. First, like I said in my last entry, it's a hot summer and I have recurring back problems which prevent me from sitting down for extended periods of time. Anyway, I signed up for 20inspirations' Flashback challenge (+two lims contests) and actually made it thanks to the extension! I'm really cutting it close this time, so there are some icons I'm not that happy with, but I don't have the time to change anything before the deadline. Well, there are also icons I really like ;)

[20] Matt Murdock (Daredevil) for 20inspirations
+6 Alternates

hover for style


[more Inspiration/Explanation]
5 was inspired by this icon (made by born_butterfly) from the challenge post. I really like the color scheme+duplication.
8 doesn't look as experimental as it is. The cap itself wasn't really something I'd usually choose for an icon and then I blurred it even further. It's supposed to look like the target a shooter would see through the scope of their rifle. I made a similar icon for a LIMS recently, but I tried to be a little bit bolder with this one ;)
12 is inspired by an older icon I made. I've always wanted to make something similar right after seeing this texture (made by scoobyatemysnax) which I used for the icon.

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