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Best of '14: Result

New layout! I've been 'over' the old one for a while, but couldn't find one I wanted to use right away. And I swear, the next update will include icons again. However, I wanted to post my Best of '14 results and it got a little too long for putting it into my next icons post.

The Winner

First of all, I'm not really surprised. While it's not my newest icons, I personally still like it and it's cute :D
I also like making icons in this style, character from animated movie+solid background and I loved using them myself.

Top 10

Four of these come from Kill the Monsters battle which makes me happy (and over half of them were nominated o.O). However, I'm surprised by the second place and ultimately I'm glad that it didn't win. Funnily enough, the icon itself was inspired by 10, but they were both made for out-of-the-box themes/challenges. Apparently out-of-the-box means replace the head of a character who has distinct clothing for me. Bonus trivia: For the battle I actually wanted to use Jo, but her style isn't really that obvious. Another big surprise is 9 which was made for a LIMS, but I entered another (similar) icon. I had a very specific image in my head how the icon was supposed to look, but it didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted to, so I'm glad that people still like it. I realize that this is actually a Top 11, but there were a bunch of icons with the same voting count and I ended up with 10 more icons instead of 9 ;)

Personal Picks

Just a little bit of overlap and, while not many people voted for them, some of my favorites were also nominated. The most glaring discrepancy is my favorite icon which was not nominated. I've been using it as my default since August and I just love it. 5 would be my pick for an icon in the same style as the winning one.
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