August 20th, 2021

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#199: Icons

When the Extra round at somein30 was posted, I was sooo motivated to enter at least two of the previous rounds I skipped. What I ended up with is another set based on Round 01: Technical Game...and it took me ages. I made the first icons for this entry on June 12, so over two months. This is pretty much the continuation of the first Technical Game set posted here using caps from Lucifer S5B (the other one used primarily caps from 5A). I used the same kind of style to get a coherent look, but there are some thoughts/concerns. I have a bit of a problem with 9. On the one hand I really like how it turned out, but on the other hand I'm not sure if it follows the theme "Ray(s) of light" that well. I really fought with 11. I had an idea and the animation itself resembles that. Overall I'm not too happy with it, but was also too frustrated to redo everything. It's the last icon I finished. For 12 I really only used textures to get a similar effect to the other icons even if it looks as if I just did the same thing again.
You can hover over the icons for the specific themes, but I also posted the complete list of prompts below the icons. I used normal mode for all of them.

Round Extra (Summer Rewind) at somein30: Lucifer

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