May 29th, 2012

The Winter Soldier: Captain America

#086: Icons and Wallpaper

Icons keep piling up and I just don't post them or I want to make more icons of a certain fandom which results in even more random icons...
Some of the Hawaii Five-0 icons were made for ic0nfest hence the many variations ;)
This batch also includes a couple of crossover icons again. I tried to use the ideas which were left in the comments of the last crossover post. I also included the wallpaper which I made for my personal use (nothing fancy really), but maybe someone else also wants to use it.

001-008 True Blood
009-018 Fringe (4x18 The Consultant)
019-028 Hawaii Five-0 (mostly 2x22 Ua Hopu)
029-036 Supernatural (various from S1+2)
037-043 Crossover (Supernatural/True Blood, Supernatural/Fringe, Supernatural/Hawaii Five-0)
+ Supernatural/Fringe wallpaper


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