Laura (violateraindrop) wrote in iwillnotdance,

#104: Promos

So I kinda disappeared for a while from making icons because I have the exact same thing as last June (-.-). My wrist hurt for 2-3 weeks and I'm still wearing a bandage which makes typing and making icons really awkward. I really miss it though, especially looking at the cool new communities and challenges at the moment :(
Even though I'd love to enter sooo many challenges, I really can't. I thought I could at least do some pimping here though.

fullerelite is an elite icon challenge community for the works of Bryan Fuller.
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trueblood_elite trueblood_elite trueblood_elite

fringe20in20 - fringe_epic - elite_fringe
couples20in20 - elitesimplicity - contextures - tellystills - moviefilmstills - grimm_challenge
Tags: -promo

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